Scales and Balances

loveBet爱博 offers a wide selection of precision weighing devices and accessories. Laboratory and field offerings include the latest digital, mechanical, and suspension scales and balances as well as moisture analyzers to precisely measure a wide range of substances. They range from compact benchtop units and portable field instruments to heavy-duty floor models with the capacity to accurately handle samples of varying weights and sizes under virtually any condition.


Scales & Balances
  • Digital Scales and Balances offer fast, accurate weighing with convenient features for storing and reporting data. Select models in a range of capacities designed for sensitive, precision laboratory or rugged industrial field use. Most models have multiple, selectable weighing units.
  • Mechanical Balances provide reliable weighing in any environment, with the low-maintenance operation and several different capacities and readability ranges.
  • Suspension Scales are ideal for weighing large, bulky items when increased capacity is needed. The selection also includes models used for determining the specific gravity of pulps, liquids, and dry solids.
  • Calibration Weights monitor the performance of weighing devices. They allow easy checks of span and linearity, as well as calibration of mechanical or electronic balances. Classes include ASTM Class 1, ASTM Class 4, NIST Class F, and Ultra Class, with several models to choose from within each class.
  • Weighing/Handling Scoops available in 4, 9, 125, 190, and 800g capacity with models constructed of aluminum, polypropylene, or stainless steel. Select from a scoop or flat-bottom scoops.
  • Ohaus Moisture Analyzers are used to provide precise and accurate laboratory moisture content measurements on nearly any substance.

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